PARAGON PROPERTIES IN THE NEWS: Dubai tells homeowners and tenants to register co-occupants within two weeks

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Residents in Dubai must register all co-occupants living in owned and rented properties within two weeks, the emirate’s housing authority has said.

The ruling applies to all owners, developers, property management companies and tenants, who can register co-occupants via the Dubai REST app, if they have not already done so.

The Dubai Land Department said the registration must be completed within a “maximum of two weeks with immediate effect”.

“It is now legal for unmarried people to live together and also for people to sub-let their property when they have written consent from their landlord,” said Dean Charter, owner of Paragon Properties in Dubai.

“If someone wants to rent an apartment or villa and multiple families are living there, this change will ensure these occupants get treated well and fairly.

“It will also help those who are sub-letting a property to get paid the rent they are owed.”

There have been problems in the past with people being evicted immediately if they had not paid their rent, without having any rights, Mr Charter said.

“By adding these tenants to an Ejari contract it gives them more tenancy rights in a sub-let situation,” he said.

“The process is very simple to add new occupants to an Ejari.”

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