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New RERA rules

New rules good news for Dubai property purchasers

Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has initiated robust measures to combat deceptive online property advertisements, heralding a significant transformation in the city's real estate sector. The latest policy by RERA is poised to substantially slash property sales ads by up to 40 percent across multiple real estate platforms. This crackdown targets the misuse of developers' No Objection...

chinese demand for dubai property

PARAGON PROPERTIES IN THE NEWS | Chinese Demand to Fuel Continued Surge in Dubai Luxury Property Prices in 2024

Dubai Property Post reports:Chinese buyers are driving Dubai’s property market, positioning the city as a premier destination for affluent individuals, states Knight Frank.The property consultancy forecasts that, in the long term, Dubai will join the ranks of top financial hubs like New York, London, and Singapore ... Paragon Properties CFO Angelo Kazantzas stressed that while Chinese buyers were...

invest in Dubai

Why the best time to invest in Dubai is right now

Dubai is a hub for lucrative investment opportunities, with current economic trends showing significant growth and potential for diversification. We look at why right now is a good time to invest in Dubai, citing current trends, developments, and government initiatives that create a conducive environment for business expansion and investment opportunities. The Current Economic Landscape The economic...

real estate

Dubai Real Estate: Your Safe Choice

Dubai’s real estate market stands as a beacon of stability and opportunity.As the world grapples with economic uncertainties, investors seek safe havens that promise resilience and growth.In this landscape, Dubai emerges as a strategic choice where the future is etched in desert sand, glass and steel.A Record-Breaking SurgeDubai’s real estate sector has shattered records, defying global trends.In the...

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Understanding Off-Plan Property Investments in Dubai

In Dubai’s real estate market, off-plan property is a chance to get in on major projects at the ground level while they are still affordable. These pre-construction gems promise great potential rewards. Let’s dissect the intricacies of off-plan investments, exploring both the prospects and pitfalls. What Are Off-Plan Investments? Off-plan investments involve purchasing a property before it’s...

Paragon Properties -Trusted Partner in Real Estate

Your Trusted Partner for Property Transactions in the UAE

In a city characterized by rapid growth and an evolving real estate market, choosing a trusted partner is vital for anyone considering buying or selling real estate in Dubai.Paragon Properties has emerged as a prominent choice for the most discerning clients.The company's client-first approach, unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency, as well as innovative solutions like...


​Dubai: The Ultimate Destination for Billionaires and Those Who Want to Follow in Their Footsteps

Dubai is synonymous with luxury, opulence, and being the ultimate playground for the ultra-wealthy. The thriving city has magnetized billionaires from around the world who seek not only a luxurious lifestyle but also lucrative investment opportunities. We explore why billionaires choose to live and invest in Dubai and what makes it the ultimate destination for the ultra-wealthy. 1. Tax...

Dubai Investment

Dubai Investment Insights: Property Boom and Beyond

Dubai Investment Insights:Dubai is a magnet for global investors, primarily due to its red-hot property market.While wise investors continue exploring opportunities in real estate, they are also taking advantage of Dubai's thriving industries that promise maximum return on investment and a diversified portfolio.Real Estate: A Dependable PerformerBefore venturing into alternative investments, let's first...

flocking to Dubai

Why 1000s of investors from Russia and Europe are flocking to Dubai properties

The Dubai property market has experienced a remarkable surge in prices, largely attributed to a significant influx of Russian and European investors. These investors are flocking to Dubai, increasingly drawn to the emirate's real estate sector, seeking stable markets and the promise of a luxurious lifestyle.Dubai, a city already bustling with expatriates, with nearly 90 per cent of its approximately 10...

exclusive mandate

Selling Your Property? Here’s Why an Exclusive Mandate is Your Top Choice

An exclusive mandate to sell a home is often considered the best option for sellers due to several key benefits it offers. This arrangement involves giving a single real estate agent or agency the sole authority to market and sell a property for a specified period. Here's why an exclusive mandate can be advantageous for sellers: Dedicated Attention: By choosing an exclusive mandate, sellers ensure...

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