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Why 1000s of investors from Russia and Europe are flocking to Dubai properties

The Dubai property market has experienced a remarkable surge in prices, largely attributed to a significant influx of Russian and European investors. These investors are flocking to Dubai, increasingly drawn to the emirate's real estate sector, seeking stable markets and the promise of a luxurious lifestyle.Dubai, a city already bustling with expatriates, with nearly 90 per cent of its approximately 10...

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PARAGON PROPERTIES IN THE NEWS: Major property markets to experience house price falls in 2023

These price declines will not make housing affordable, as mortgage rates have doubled since the start of 2022 and are expected to rise further House prices in most major property markets will fall in 2023, according to nearly 100 housing market analysts, but they predicted double-digit peak-to-trough declines will not come close to making them affordable. Mortgage rates have doubled on average in...

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PARAGON PROPERTIES IN THE NEWS: Relaunch of Palm Jebel Ali shows ‘sheer demand’ for Dubai property

Megaproject halted in 2009 set for relaunch as value of beachfront properties rise 300 per cent in two years The relaunch of the Palm Jebel Ali megaproject could further turbocharge Dubai’s housing market as real estate agents report a 300 per cent rise in the value of some waterside properties. Dean Charter, the founder of Paragon Properties, said demand for beachfront homes far outweighs current...

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PARAGON PROPERTIES IN THE NEWS: Dubai tells homeowners and tenants to register co-occupants within two weeks

Residents in Dubai must register all co-occupants living in owned and rented properties within two weeks, the emirate's housing authority has said. The ruling applies to all owners, developers, property management companies and tenants, who can register co-occupants via the Dubai REST app, if they have not already done so. The Dubai Land Department said the registration must be completed within a...

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PARAGON PROPERTIES IN THE NEWS: Agents urge Dubai tenants to know the law as landlords flout rent control rules

Owners risk huge compensation payouts by evicting tenants from their homes to boost rents Rogue landlords in Dubai are attempting to raise rental prices by several times the legal limit set by the authorities, residents and real estate experts said. Dean Charter, managing partner of Paragon Properties, said some landlords will leave a property empty and wait for a higher price. “Pre-Covid, a Dubai...

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