Aegean Clark

Aegean John Clarke

Private Client Advisor

  • Agent License: 61591

Aegean Clarke is a seasoned real estate professional with three years of valuable experience in the dynamic real estate market. With a passion for property and a deep understanding of the local industry, Aegean has established a reputation for delivering exceptional results to clients seeking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

Having honed his expertise in the intricacies of property transactions and client relationships, Aegean arrives in Dubai with a wealth of experience and a commitment to providing exceptional service. Beyond his professional achievements, he is a fan of football, he thrives on the excitement of the game, uniting with fellow enthusiasts in celebrating victories and analysing plays. Aegean also finds himself drawn to the world of boxing, appreciating the dedication, discipline, and strategy that this sport demands.

If you’re looking for a new home or great real estate investment, contact Aegean today.

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  • 91% Villa
  • 9% Townhouse

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  • 68% Sale
  • 32% Rent

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  • 100% Dubai
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